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Rhetoric Analysis on Children with Diabetes Essay

Rhetoric Analysis on Children with Diabetes - Essay Example his two sons for school and the preparation includes giving his younger son insulin injections to maintain the blood sugar level since the child was diagnosed with diabetes. Despite the busy schedule, Parker creates some time to check on his diabetic child while at school. There has been an increasing trend in the average number of children and young adults being diagnosed with diabetes. According to the centers for disease control and prevention, there has been a significant increase in the number of children and adolescents living with either type one or type two diabetes. This has raised concerns among professionals on how to manage diabetes especially among the young children who still need great supervision in all aspects whatsoever and living with diabetes includes medication on a daily basis. Campaigns are held across the country to sensitize parents on how to care for and help their little ones live a normal life with diabetic conditions. It is possible for any parent to work and at the same time take good care of their children living with diabetes. Mr. Parker is a good example that parents should emulate and give their ailing children proper attention and care. In children, managing diabetes may not be as easy as it may seem on adults. Children are normally active and playful and this may not be favorable condition for people with diabetes. For children, it is the responsibility of the parent to remind them of the medication and strictly manage their diets and activities. Mr. parker ensures that his ailing child eat the right food throughout the day and do not over engage in activities that require a lot of energy at school. This has been possible by discussing the child’s condition with the teacher. Packer calls the school after every three hours to know the child’s condition, in case there are complications, he sends an ambulance to take the child to hospital. Conclusively, diabetes among children is on the rise and it is the parent’s

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Of Mice and Men - novel and film comparison Essay Example for Free

Of Mice and Men novel and film comparison Essay This is a comparison between Steinbeck’s original novel Of Mice and Men and the 1992 film version. I will be comparing the two beginnings, the presentation of Curley’s wife, and the treatment of a powerful scene. Of Mice and Men is one of those classic stories about friendship, loyalty, sacrifice and broken dreams. The 1992 film was directed by Gary Sinise, who also played the part of George Milton. This film was in fact the first film he had ever directed and I believe it to be very successful. The film follows the overall content of the novel, however, there are some key differences: The introduction to the film has two complete differences, the presentation of Curley’s wife, and also the treatment of a powerful scene, which will be focused on the ending. In the beginning of the Novel, it is set in Soledad. Steinbeck creates a very tranquil opening and gives the impression that it hasn’t been disrupted by human interference. ‘’On the sand bank under the trees the leaves lie deep and so crisp that a lizard makes a great skittering if he runs among them’’. However, even before the reader is introduced to the two protagonists, Steinbeck includes that this peaceful, animal inhabited area is frequently interrupted my humans. ‘’a path beaten hard by boys coming down from the ranches to swim in the deep pool, and beaten hard by tramps who come wearily down from the highway in the evening to jungle-up near water.’’ This quote shows that this has been a place humans have to for a long time. The use of the word’s ‘beaten hard’ is associated with a path which has been walked on for many years. This tells the reader that however peaceful the area may be, it has always been trespassed by humans. The animals react in fear due to the sound of footsteps mentioned again. This also suggests that the animals are not used to humans entering their little world and thus they hide away. ‘’The rabbits hurried noiselessly for cover. A stilted heron labored up into the air and pounded down river. For a moment the place was lifeless, and then two men emerged from the path and came into the opening by the green pool.’’ The description of George and Lennie’s entrance indicates that George appears to be in change. ‘’They had walked single file down the path, and even in the open, one stayed behind the other.’’ This shows the reader that there isn’t a close bond of friendship, but more of a leader and a follower, i.e. George being the leader, and Lennie the follower. The description of George and Lennie gives the reader a sense of their characters immediately. ‘’The first man was small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features. Every part of him was defined: small, strong hands, slender arms, a thin and bony nose.’’ This shows the reader that George is a man of intelligence and means business. Lennie’s description on the other hand is described as someone who is quite the opposite. ‘’Behind him walked his opposite, a huge man, shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders; and he walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws. His arms did not swing at his sides, but hung loosely.’’ Lennie is described physically with a great use of animal imagery. This adds to the fact that Lennie does lack intelligence. In his description he indicates that Lennie is also someone in need of guidance and cannot think on his own accords which could conclude why George is with him. The beginning of the film is very different compared to the novel. It isn’t shown as peaceful at all. In fact the music used gives a great feeling of intensity and panic. When the piano is included with the rhythm of the violin, it adds a sense of hopelessness. There are notes played on a higher scale of the piano which insist a sense of innocence, however, nothing is suggesting happiness. The opening scene begins on a train with George sitting alone looking very strong in the darkness of the carriage. Although the train is very dark, beams of light shine through from gaps in the wooden walls. The scene is then changed to a much brighter atmosphere with a young woman running in a field in Weed – George and Lennie’s home town. However, music is still very fast and tense which prepares the audience again that this is a sad story. George and Lennie are being chased by men with guns on horseback. It is clear to the audience that George is in charge just by seeing that he is leading the way and telling Lennie what to do. We then see George and Lennie escape, sneaking onto the train and we hear the first convocation between George and Lennie which again indicates that George is in charge as he merely tells him to ‘’shh’’ and ‘’Go to sleep’’. Lennie responds with simple use of the English language which again shows the audience that he has some kind of disability. It’s quite ironic really because Lennie is in a very big character although he cries and depends on George for the majority of things. The incident in Weed is not running in a chronologically compared to the novel as we are introduced to the incident before we actually meet the characters. At the very beginning when we first see George, it is as if the incident in Weed is his memory and he is pondering on it as him and Lennie travel to their destination on the farm in Soledad. In the novel, the readers are introduced to the incident in Weed later on in the novel when George and Slim have a conversation on the Ranch. In the film, the audience is introduced to the Ranch with very country-like music which is fairly happy and uplifting compared to the musical piece the audience are introduced to at the very beginning. In the novel, Curley’s Wife is first mentioned through a conversation with George and Candy. Candy makes it seem like Curley’s Wife is a bit of a flirt before the reader is even introduced to her by saying that even though she is married she’s ‘got the eye’. However, although she isn’t exactly happy being with Curley, she just wants some attention. When the reader is introduced to her she is described wearing very a rather lot of makeup. ‘’She had full, rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up. Her fingernails were red.’’ Curley’s Wife wears a lot of red. Red is seen as the most intense colours and is very noticeable. The fact that she wears a lot of red indicates that she wants to be noticed. ‘’She wore a cotton house dress and red mules, on the insteps of which were little bouquets of red ostrich feathers.’’ As she lives on a farm, she is not really dressed appropriately for the wife of a rancher. However, Curley ignores Curley’s Wife so it is of no surprise that she is wearing things to attract the other men on the farm. Her body language insists that she is very provocative as if she is tempting the men to go after her. ‘She put her hands behind her back and leaned against the door frame so that her body was thrown forward.’ Lennie is very much attracted to her although George and the other men are not. This kind of suggests that Lennie will have something to with her although not in a sense of sexual nature, but similar to the same incidence in Weed where Lennie was accused of attempting rape towards the girl running away when he was only caught up in stroking her dress that he would not let go. In section four of the novel, there is a part where Curley’s Wife enters looking for Curley although in the film this was left out. Perhaps to ensure that Curley’s Wife was wanted to be seen by Gary Sinise as someone who needed sympathy from the audience. During this part of the novel, Curley’s Wife describes her relationship with Curley. ‘’Sure I gotta husban’. You all seen him. Swell guy, aint he? Spends all his time sayin’ what he’s gonna do to guts he don’t like, and he don’t like nobody. Think I’m gonna stay in that two-by-four house and listen how Curley’s gonna lead with his left twice and then bring in the ol’ right cross?’’ This creates a lot of sympathy towards Curley’s Wife as she is obviously rejected by Curley to the point where she isn’t even properly included. The fact that as the reader, we don’t even know her name also suggests that she is unimportant towards Curley and the other characters. Crooks quickly turns on Curley’s Wife insisting that she leaves, however, she has a lot of power over him considering she’s white and back then, black people were simply just slaves and were resented by a lot of people. Knowing that, Crooks backs down almost to a point where he is leaning against the wall. ‘’Listen Nigger/ You know what I can do to you if you open your trap? †¦ Well, you keep your place then, Nigger. I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain’t even funny.’’ This is practically the only time that Curley’s Wife has some kind of power over someone, and because he is treated no better than an animal as he lives next to the barn where all the animals are and not even in a properly built home, more of a shed, suggests that Curley’s Wife only really has power, or a chance to step in on her own accords is towards Crooks. Section five is where Curley’s Wife initially dies due to her trust, and lack of self control in Lennie. Steinbeck has been implying that Curley’s Wife was just really an innocent young woman and all the makeup was just an act for attention. ‘’the meanness and the plannings and the discontent and the ache for attention were all gone from her face. She was very pretty and simple, and her face was sweet and young.’’ Again the amount of makeup she had on makes her look as if she were still alive ‘’Now her roughed cheeks and her reddened lips made her seem alive and sleeping very lightly.’’ In the film, the audience are introduced to her again like in the novel looking for Curley. She is dressed in a pink floral dress unlike in the novel where she is wearing mostly red. However she is wearing red lipstick although her eyes are not heavily made up but it is noticeable that she is wearing eye makeup. It is clear that she is not wearing heels because the sounds of her foot steps are quite bold. Compared to the book she is a lot less provocative but the way she speaks to the men on the farm is very flirtatious and her body language is very suggestive, for example she pushes her chest forward and places her hands on her hips which could insinuate her wanting more than just somebody to talk to, although we know she just wants somebody to talk to. When Curley’s Wife leaves, George’s immediate response is towards Lennie is for him to stay away from her due to the incident in Weed. There are three added scenes featured in the film. These were most likely included to show the audience how Curley’s Wife has no sympathy or consideration from the other men at the barn and how Curley himself treats his wife with little consideration. The barn scene, being the first added scene is where we see George taking a tired out horse back to the barn where he also encounters Curley’s Wife. The way she talks to George is very flirtatious and almost as if she is leading him on, however she then goes on about how she wants somebody to talk to her because Curley himself doesn‘t give her any attention and is undoubtedly trying to better himself compared to the other men, thus why he picks on Lennie, who is a lot taller than him and certainly much more stronger. The second added scene is The Speed Ball Scene where we see Curley punching away at the speed ball. This could have been added to enhance the audiences awareness that he is constantly aggressive and obsessed with fighting. Curley’s Wife is sat levelled above Curley with no body around and is clearly very lonely and extremely bored. With all the men working on the farm in the background, and Curley, although not working himself, is still not giving his wife a second thought. This is a clear indication that Curley’s Wife is isolated on the ranch and I think it emphasises the description given about her dead body in section 5 of the novel where underneath all of the makeup and desperate attempts for some attention, she was merely just a sweet, innocent and lonely girl. The final added scene in the film is The Broken Record Scene. She is wearing no makeup and obviously had been crying and is completely on her own. She vents about what had happened Curley got aggressive and smashed all of her four records therefore not being able to play them which reminds the audience of Curley‘s violent nature. The reaction is pitiful and it is obvious that nobody taking any consideration for her. Curley’s Wife then runs off saying that if she ran away no one would miss her etc which could be suggesting her death. All of the added scenes help to enhance the audience’s awareness from the beginning of the film that Curley’s Wife should be seen in a very sympathetic perspective and this is not clear in the novel until Steinbeck’s description of her dead body. A very good example of a powerful scene would be the very ending of both the novel and the film. In the novel, Steinbeck sets the scene for the ending which takes place in Salinas River. He describes the surroundings beautifully and authentically just like in the beginning of the novel which creates a very peaceful image for the reader. ‘’The deep green pool of the Salinas River was still in the late afternoon. Already the sun had left the valley to go climbing up the slopes of the Gabilan mountains, and the hilltops were rosy in the sun.’’ Nevertheless, the peaceful scene is spoiled even before the arrival of Lennie as Steinbeck creates an image that suggests death and readies the reader for what is about to unfold. ‘’A silent head and beak lanced down and plucked it out by the head, and the beak swallowed the little snake while its tail waved frantically.’’ As Lennie arrives he begins to have two hallucinations which are not shown in the film. The first hallucination is of his Aunt Clara and through the conversation brought about by Lennie’s imagination, his greatest fears are revealed. George’s reaction to what Lennie has done and the fact that Lennie has no real understanding of the seriousness of what he has done, which enhances his guilt feeling because he knows that he has disappointed George. The conversation then leads on to Aunt Clara making him feel even more guilty because George has done so much for Lennie and all he does is give him grief when George could do so much more without him. Lennie’s second hallucination is of a rabbit. This is could be a symbol of Lennie’s childlike nature and how the only real bad thing he can think of is how George will not allow him to look after the rabbits and the fact that he will now leave him. The conversation with the rabbit could also show how Lennie is very naà ¯ve and is convinced George will not leave him or get mad. The novel and the film are very similar as far as the conversation between George and Lennie are concerned. In the novel, it is prolonged to gradually build up tension for the reader when they realise that George is going to shoot Lennie. When he finally does, it is clear that this has traumatised George and is a very dreadful thing for George to undergo. ‘’George shivered and looked at the gun, and then he threw it from him, back up on the bank, near the pile of old ashes.’’ George is comforted by Slim and is taken for a drink. However, the reader is reminded of the ignorance by society as they are blinded by what George has just had to go through, which ends the novel. Then ending of the film is very sad. Lennie is found and comforted by George’s voice and soon by ‘The American Dream’ which is referred to several times throughout the film. The audience are unaware of what is about to happen as when George finally shoots Lennie it is very sudden. The music, played at the beginning of the film is again brought back, which is very touching and adds for a great effect to what has just occurred. Instead of the hallucinations Lennie’s fears are brought into the convocation between him and George and are much shorter than in the novel. In the novel, it begins and ends at the Salinas River where as in the film it begins and ends with George sat on the train. Just like at the beginning, there are flash backs, but this time of George and Lennie together. This indicates that George has spent the majority of his time with Lennie and they had a very brotherly relationship. The flash backs could imply George being deeply upset due to t he fact he has killed his best friend.

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History Of The British Raj History Essay

History Of The British Raj History Essay The name of the period of British colonial rule in South Asia between the years 1858 and 1947 is British raj. The region, called India included areas administered by the United Kingdom. The princely states were ruled by individual rulers under the paramountcy of the British Crown. The political union was officially called the Indian company after 1876. It issued passports under that name. The result of this change was that it was a founding member of the League of Nation and the United Nation. Furthermore it was a member nation of the Summer Olympics in the years 1900, 1920, 1928, 1932, and 1936. When the rule of the British East India Company was transferred in the person of Queen Victoria, the system of governance was instituted. When the British Indian Empire was portioned into two sovereign dominion states, the Union of India and the Dominion of Pakistan, it lasted until the year 1947.   In the year 1937 the province of Burma became a separate colony. This province was located in the eastern region of the Indian Empire. Moreover it gained independence in the year 1948. The Geographical extent of the Raj India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh over all these regions the British Raj extended. At various times it included Aden Colony, Lower Burma, Upper Burma, British Somaliland, and Singapore. Only one region was directly administered by the British Crown from 1937 until independence in the year 1948. This region was Burma. In 1802, Ceylon was ceded to the United Kingdom under the Treaty of Amiens. Ceylon was never part of British India, but it was a British Crown Colony .The British having fought wars with the kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan. They signed treaties with them. Also they were recognized by the British as independent states.  Ã‚   This map shows the British Indian Empire and surrounding countries in the year 1909. The meaning of The Raj The Raj is the name of the British rule in India. This expression was derived from the Sanskrit term raja. The meaning of raja is king. For long time, until after 1858 the term did not have official meaning. But many years before that, it was in popular usage. Many British merchants made a fortune in India and they return home, because they were derided by those in British high society as nabobs. Nabobs was the title for an official under the Moguls. The British public was fascinated by the tales of life in India. They liked exotic Indian scenes, for instance a drawing of an elephant fight.   This drawing appeared in books published in London in the 1820s.   Raj means rule. This word is of Indian languages. British Raj means rule by the British in India. The Republic of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma were all part of the British Indian Empire. At that time, it was known as the Indian Empire and sometimes now spoken of as the British Raj, which is a term of history. This rule was before 1947. The British Raj is used to talk of the direct British rule over areas which had been conquered by the British. This is known as British India. Undivided India is another term. It is used to mean the whole area of British rule. It does not take in Burma. From 1937 Burma was a British colony on its own. The colony of Aden came under the same government in India. It came from 1858 to 1937.Furthermore the British Somaliland came under the same government from 1884 to 1898 and Singapore from 1858 to 1867. Today Somaliland is called Somalia. The British rule ended in Pakistan and the East Bengal region on 14 August 194. Later the British rule ended in the rest on 15 August 1947. Jammu and Kashmir had not been under direct British rule. Over this area India and Pakistan have gone to war, and it is not divided between them. The beginning of the Raj In the year 1858, the British Crown was established in India. A century of control by the East India company ended. The life and death struggle cost  Ã‚   36 million. It is variously referred to as the Great Rebellion, the Indian Mutiny or the First War of India Independence. The nature of politic, social and economic rule was marked by the consequences of this bloody rupture. The Raj never encompassed the entire land mass of the sub-continent. Over 560 large and small principalities independently governed Two-fifths of the sub-continent. During the rebellion, some of whose rulers had fought the British, but with whom the Raj now entered into treaties of mutual cooperation. The Great Rebellion did more to create a racial chasm between ordinary Indians and the Britons. This social segregation endure until the end of the Raj. On the one hand the British criticized the divisions of the Hindu castle system, on the other hand they lived a life ruled by precedence and class. Rudyard tried to reflect this position in his novels. His books show the gulf between the white community and the Anglo-Indians. The mixed race caused them to be considered racially impure/ unclean. The sources   Ã‚  Ã‚   Ã‚  Ã‚   Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚   Ã‚  Ã‚ How did the British Raj influence India? The British Raj was the result of the Victorian erais infusion of British liberal philosophy in colonial policy and social governance. Liberal-minded principles of economics, social responsibility and military administration permeated British legislative and imperial rule as clearly as in the British Administration of the Indian subcontinent. Furthermore the British made positive contributions to Indian life. But the colonialism never brought positive consequences to India. The British crown inherited over 750,000 square miles of Indian territory, when the British Crown took over direct control from the East Indies Company in the year 1857. The British tried to extend their control throughout the region. In the opinion of the Crown, they felt obligated to support the long list of treaties the East Indies Company had made with numerous Indian Princes and regional rulers. India was carved into more than 600 sovereign territories in the sub-continent, because the British government honoured these agreementsThese native states possessed British advisors. The large British provinces, for instance Punjab, Bengal and Assam had British Governors. They reported to the imperial viceroy of India, who in turn reported to Parliament and the monarch in London. This amalgam of colonial control and tradition feudalism reflected the regional and local disunities of India. Moreover it deepened the regional and local disunities of India. Other rejected and repelled them wholly, although certain parts of the sub-continent adopted and promoted the contributions of the colonial era.    GRATIS fà ¼r alle WEB.DE-Nutzer: Die maxdome Movie-FLAT!  Ã‚  Ã‚   Jetzt freischalten unter

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Life or Death? - Original Writing :: Papers

Life or Death? - Original Writing That is the Question -------------------- â€Å"What you say we treat ourselves to a wild night out, honey?† â€Å"At this time it’s only 9 o’clock.† â€Å"Yeah, I mean later on, say 10 o’clock.† â€Å"Yeah sure, why not, at least that way I can show you what I’m made of.† â€Å"Alright, yeah sure.† â€Å"You go and get ready knowing beautiful girls like you take years to get ready.† â€Å"Shhhhh.† Hannah hurries off to get ready with her body full of energy and excitement, while her fiancà © Ed has a feeling of fear going through his nerves and tries to sit down and relieve this fear. Ed thought of something his closest friend used to ask him when he was a young boy. â€Å"What is your deepest fear Ed?† Ed was very young and he never had a chance to answer his questions as his inner self was perplexed with different thoughts, but none of these thoughts could group together to give him an answer of what his deepest fear really was and it was too late for him to gather an answer before his friend had passed away. Still today Ed still has nerve shocks where his conscience asks him what his deepest fear was and what is it today. â€Å"Why can’t I figure the answer out?† he asks himself. â€Å"What is my deepest fear?† â€Å"Wait, I think I got it?† â€Å"Ed, are you speaking to yourself.† Hannah bellows from the bathroom. â€Å"No, honey I’m just singing that song me and you adore.† He replied embarrassedly. â€Å"I’m ready, Ed, what do you think?† â€Å"Honestly, do really want my opinion.† â€Å"Yessss, hurry.† â€Å"You look stunning sweetheart.† â€Å"Really, thanks.† â€Å"Wait, I’ve been waiting to say this to you Hannah, I want to say, that I love you.† â€Å"Awwww, I love you too,† mutters Hannah Hannah never really used believe Ed, but she didn’t want Ed to feel that his heart didn’t mean anything to Hannah.

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J.B Priestley and his audience Essay

J.B Priestley is someone who has seen enough of the world to make his own judgments. Therefore he has written this play â€Å"An Inspector Calls† to get these views of his across to the rest of the audience. He believes in socialism and doesn’t support the view of capitalism. He tries to promote socialism and show capitalism as an act of egotism. The two main views of society he has portrayed and contrasted capitalists and socialist. We know this through characters of the book to begin with I will look at Mr. Birling as a capitalist. This character was shown to be a very arrogant and proud man. He believed he had more authority and rights than/over everyone else. He is ‘Self made man’. His objectives of life are to make money, and profit for himself, â€Å"It’s my duty to keep labour costs down†. Money for him isn’t an issue. It’s an important part of his life. Even in situations like the sort he finds his image essential. ‘Look, inspector – I’d give thousands’ Mr. Birling can seem to be hollow at times in the sense that he doesn’t always perform in the way he portrays himself to his surroundings. He finds a reason to believe that the inspector’s onset maybe a hoax, He than begins to proceed as though the inspectors arrival had no effect on him. But as soon as the phone rings he begins to panic. Mr. Birling doesn’t like to argue. He is optimistic about the future yet we know what he predicts will not come true. ‘The worlds developing so fast it’ll make war impossible†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.’ And ‘The Titanic†¦. unsinkable absolutely  unsinkable’. The inspector’s comment to Mrs. Birling about young people – ‘They’re more Impressionable’ (pg 30) – adds weight to our feelings that the older generation is Fixed in its attitudes and that if society is to become more caring it will have to be through the efforts of the younger generation. The inspector is just someone who is making the characters in the play realise what they are doing wrong in life, not to cause havoc. This is shown when Sheila ( Mr Birling’s daughter) takes the blame of Eva Smith’s death [] all on to her own accord, the inspector assures her and asks her to stay and listen to Gerald’s (Sheila’s fiancà ©) part of the story, so she doesn’t feel herself entirely to blame. Sheila is an example of a capitalist who has realised her mistakes, owned up to them and is prepared to adjust her life after the events taken place in the dining hall that afternoon. She is very intelligent but spoilt. She is naà ¯ve and is very distressed by the news of Eva’s death caused by stress which drove her to committing suicide. She thinks that her father’s behaviour was unacceptable. She readily agrees that she behaved very badly and insists that she never meant the girl any harm. ‘I’ll never ever do it to anybody again’ Sheila had gotten used to the fact of going into a shop and behaving in such a cruel manner, and get somebody (Eva Smith) permanently excluded from their job just because of jealousy, how self-centered of her. Now after somebody  had made her see her mistakes she decided her actions were not acceptable, and this sort of approach to life is intolerable. J.B Priestley wanted to show that there are people out there who haven’t recognised their error’s in life and that maybe this play will help them to do just that. Priestley shows just how wrong capitalism is that it can even lead to death of innocent citizens. So this means there is chance of another war, if capitalism isn’t erased from this world. He shows that people are out there who predict the future like Mr Birling and say things like ‘the Titanic is unsinkable†¦ and the world’s developing so fast it’ll make war impossible’, we know that these predictions made were wrong. But who are we to say that there won’t be another war. It makes you think what might happen In the future if entrepreneurship isn’t stopped, doesn’t it? This is what Priestley wanted, his capitalist audience to feel guilty, and wanting to change themselves for the better. Mr Birling represents Priestley’s hatred of businessmen who are only interested in making money. He (Birling) will never alter his ways and it is left to the younger generation to learn from their mistakes. Mr Birling’s family may seem cheerful, but if you inspect them internally you’ll notice how ruined their family really is. Mr Birling has feelings of guilt but doesn’t show them because of his bold image he has to keep up with, ‘We hard headed businessmen’ He is hurt by the fact that when his son Eric (an alcoholic), was in trouble (with Eva and the money problem he had) he didn’t approach his father with this problem and ask for help, like any other son would have done. This makes Mr Birling upset and angry. ‘You damned fool – why didn’t you come to me when you found yourself in this mess?’ Eric is bad-mannered and coarse towards his father and makes him feel as though they never had a father and son relationship. ‘Because you’re not the kind of chap a man Could turn to when he’s in trouble’. Priestley also shows that money can’t buy happiness. Mr Birling has all the money but does he enjoy time with his family? Is his family falling apart?And is it his entire fault? Capitalism also has this effect on people, that it can tear families apart just as it’s done to The Birling’s. Inspector Goole’s final speech is J.B Priestley’s personal opinion which is that he is concerned that there are many people like Eva Smith who are poor and their lives depend on the way we deal with daily life. ‘One Eva Smith has gone-but there are millions and  millions of Eva Smith’s and John Smith’s still  left with us ‘. The reason for capitalism is people like Mr Birling who have no sympathy for others and don’t care about the rest of the world or poverty; they only care about money and image this is why capitalism and wars are still going on today. If there was more socialism there would be peace. This is J.B Priestley’s major motive of writing this play ‘An Inspector Calls’ is to promote socialism. (Which I hope he has)

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“The interrogation” by Edwin Muir

The poem â€Å"The interrogation† by Edwin Muir is about the different ways that people deal with and react in different situations. I think this poem is about a few emigrants who are illegally crossing the border to enter a country they are not lawfully permitted to. The interrogation that the poem talks about is the questioning that these people are put through by the law enforcement troops that these emigrants encounter at the border. We know that the poem is about this illegal emigration because at the beginning of the poem states, â€Å"and then came the patrol;† This confirms that there is a governmental group of people involved. I think the central opposition of the poem is about courage and fear. The way these people choose to handle the ‘interrogation' determines whether or not they will be able to cross the border. If they answer with courage and confidence then they will be much more likely to be allowed through as opposed to if they answer with fear. We know that they reacted unwisely in this scenario because the poem says they â€Å"hesitated† in their approach to crossing the border. This is what led them to be interrogated by the â€Å"patrol†. This has a direct relation to real life; you are more likely to succeed in things that you handle with courage then those that you handle with fear, as fear leads to suspicion. These people are doing an illegal act and we know that they handle the situation with the wrong approach. We are further confirmed that what these people are doing is illegal when the poem says â€Å"Must come out now, who, what we are,† It conveys a sense of deception to the readers. I also think that according to the poem some people, that were confident and came as families were let through to cross the border with ease. This is supported because the poem says, â€Å"The careless lovers in pairs go by,† Near the end of the poem, the poet talks about the response and state of mind of these emigrants. The poem tells us that these people are getting more nervous as they are being questioned more and more. This is a build-up in the poem and it demonstrates how the people are increasingly getting more nervous as this interrogation progresses. We know so from the following lines, â€Å"And the thoughtless field is near. We are on the very edge, Endurance almost done, And still the interrogation is going on.† There is a contrast between the different groups of people shown in this poem because the people that are going in â€Å"pairs† tend not to â€Å"hesitate† when they cross the border, whereas these other people do. This is a contrast between the different ways that people handle situations. We can assume, from the evidence that I have given that it is an interrogation that questions the actions of these emigrants and why they are trying to cross the border. These would be regular routine questions. The fact that the poem is written using â€Å"we† shows that there is more than one and perhaps it's a gang or group of people. However, the impression that is given to the readers is that these emigrants are innocent people just looking for a new home, rather than a group of criminals. The poem is written in clear language and has a lasting effect on the readers. It demonstrates how actions can determine where different people will end up in the long run. It gives the readers a chance to think of how and why some of the people were held back and interrogated while others weren't and crossed this road without difficulty. The effect of the courage and fear aspects is significant and seems like it was the main intention of the reader to highlight those features in the poem. They happen to be very effective techniques in catching the reader's attention. However, the poem is not so predictable and changes its style in which the points are pointed out to the reader often.

Text Features in Non-Fiction Informational Texts

Text Features in Non-Fiction Informational Texts Important tools to help students to understand and access information in informational texts are the text features. Text features are both ways in which the authors and editors make the information easier to understand and access, as well as explicit means of supporting the content of the text through illustrations, photographs, charts, and graphs. Using text features is an important element of developmental reading, which teaches students to use these parts to understand and comprehend the content of the text Text features are also part of most states high-stakes  tests. Students in fourth grade and above are usually expected to be able to identify the text features common to most non-fiction and informational texts. At the same time, they help struggling readers find and identify the information they are expected to know in content area classes, such as social studies, history, civics, and science. Text Features as Part of the Text Titles, subtitles, headings, and sub-headings are all part of the actual text, used to make the organization of the information in a text explicit. Most textbook publishers, as well as informational text publishers, use these features to make the content easier to understand. Titles The chapter titles in informational texts usually prepare the student to understand the text. Subtitles Subtitles usually immediately follow the title and organize the information into sections. Titles and subtitles often provide the structure for an outline. Headings Headings usually begin a subsection after a subtitle. There are multiple headings for each section. They usually lay out the major points made by the author in each section. Subheading Subheadings also help us understand the organization of the thoughts contained in the section and the relationships of the parts. Title, subtitle, heading, and subheadings could be used to create guided notes, as they are pivotal parts of the authors organization of the text. Text Features That Support Understanding and Navigating the Text Table of Contents Works of fiction seldom have tables of content, whereas works of nonfiction almost always do. At the beginning of the book, they include the titles of chapters as well as subtitles and page numbers. Glossary Found at the back of the book, the glossary provides definitions of special words within the text. Publishers often place words to be found in the back in boldface. Sometimes the definitions are found adjacent to the text, but always in the glossary. Index Also in the back of the book, the index identifies where topics can be found, in alphabetical order. Features That Support the Content of the Text The internet has given us a rich and easily accessible source of images, but they are still incredibly important in understanding the content of information non-fiction texts. While not actually text it would be foolish to assume that our students understand the relationship between the content and the picture on the same page. Illustrations Illustrations are the product of an illustrator or artist and create an image that helps us better understand the content of the text. Photographs A hundred years ago, photographs were difficult to produce in print. Now, digital media make it easy to create and recreate photographs in print. Now they are common in informational texts. Captions Captions are printed below the illustrations and photographs and explain what we are seeing. Charts and Diagrams Unlike illustrations, Charts and Diagrams are created to represent amount, distance, or other information shared in the text. Often they are in the form of graphs, including bar, line, and plot and whisker graphs, as well as pie charts and maps.

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Confrontations in the novel essays

Confrontations in the novel essays Sometimes in life people are forced to conform to a certain situation for lack of a better alternative, and this is the case in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. These such people lack the will to stand up for their scruples, and intern are simply guided through their mundane lives by the powers that be. Until someone comes along offering them leadership and the prospect to become big again. The man who does so is no other than R.P. McMurphy. Scanlon, Harding, Bibbit, and Chief Bromden may have become adjusted to the oppressive system in which they lived, but certainly were much better adjusted to the real world and life in general after their experience with McMurphy. Some people may argue that the people of the mental hospital were better off without McMurphy because their lives were normal and routine. Their daily routine guided them through a series of happenings, which were both comfortable and tolerable to them, even though as a result of this they would remain subject to the manipulative ways of Nurse Ratchet. These people would say that the oppressive society that they lived in may not suit everyone, but certainly suited them. McMurphy, on the other hand, finds this setting to be suitable for no human being, and soon after arriving he sets the tone for change. Well what they got that man strapped down for, says McMurphy, I dont like that, no sir, it just aint dignified. By coming to the hospital he brings a sense of realism and courage to the lives of these patients. They have been longing for leadership and McMurphy wont be intimidated. Im thinkin a takin over this whole shebang, says McMurphy, and he knows in order to do this he must instill courage into the patients of the ward. As we are first introduced to the characters, we as the reader meet Harding, a middle aged man, who wears glasses and ba...

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Sports Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Sports Performance - Essay Example 17-55, 1987). The agents include the players, the coaches, as well as the referees. Ball allocation and play calling are examples of the numerous tasks involved, whereas the contexts can be during play as well as timeout. These factors interact together in different ways, and create several unique combinations, each of which requires a unique decision. This results in a wide array of situations in sports where decisions are required. One important step to learning about decision-making from sports is thus to weed out the main features of sports performance which make it practical and easy to study. Locating these features provides us with an essential step in comprehending the importance of sports as an epitome of decision-making situations. Studying decision-making (Diederich, pp. 157-166, 2003) in laboratory has one making disadvantage: the results may be inaccurate due to the unnatural environment. In sports, however, the player the researchers observe is under real pressure, and is fully responsible for his or her decision, which ultimately leads to their decision resembling the decision-making found in the real world. This advantage of studying decision-making is one that has only recently come into being appreciated for its worth (Bacharach, pp. 17-55, 1987). ... This feature of sports points out the danger of simulating a natural environment, and the importance of a naturalistic observation setting. The dynamics of sports decisions (Gold & Shadlen, pp. 10-16, 2001) are the second reason why they are ideal to study for the sake of decision-making research. The affect of this dynamism is twofold, to be found in both internal and external dynamics. Internal dynamics hold significance as they show that each decision is made over a course of deliberation, rather than spontaneously. Instead of simply making the decisions as they come, the player/decision-maker accumulates relevant information over a course of time and evaluates it at the time of decision-making. External dynamics, on the other hand, show that the situation itself fluctuates from time to time. At one moment, if the information is available (goalie position), it may be out of reach a second later due to obstruction in the view. These and other variables such as available options rev eal the dynamic nature of sports. Research (Gold & Shadlen, pp. 10-16, 2001) finds that decisions are made either ‘online’, or on a reflective basis. This also links the nature of sports to the dynamism earlier mentioned. Online-made decisions are examples of when the decision is made during the task, or under similar shortage of time. A player will make online decisions during the game. This is as opposed to the coach making the game strategy beforehand, using reflective decision-making techniques, which make thorough use of all the relevant information available. Movement control and decision-making (Mayes, pp. 441-461, 2003) go hand in hand when studying sports performance and this can be aided by cognitive modeling. Cognitive

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MANAGING PLAN ASSIGNMENT Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

MANAGING PLAN ASSIGNMENT - Term Paper Example Then in 2009, Nokia and Blackberry launched new online application stores. Presently, the mobile application spaces are available across all the platforms through a global basis. As per industry research done by Getjar the whole number of application downloads grew at 92%, CAGR to an approximate 50 billion downloads per year by 2012. This is mainly due to the growing number of users being engaged and becoming active application users. In this study marketing strategy of an mobile apps has been developed considering different environmental factors, extent market competitiveness and company’s internal and external factors. Product analysis The mobile Application market is a rapidly growing market. These applications are simple programs that can be downloaded easily. Now the usage of mobile applications on smart phone devices is enhanced. Different mobile applications are also used by the renowned restaurant chains for their integrated services and promotional purpose. It helps t hem to stay ahead in the competitive market. The new APP product is â€Å"Easy Food†. It is going to launch in the U.S. market. Mobile marketing includes the process of using mobile medium to communicate marketing information with the customers. That means it will provide easier access to get information about the location, menus, and promotional deals of the restaurant. Customers can order their food with this application directly or by using the Facebook pages or other online sites of â€Å"Easy food†. It is a user-friendly application. It offers the details of past orders, location and timing of restaurant, and also individual information about the restaurant. Best dish of the restaurant with feedback from other customers are also mentioned here. The competitors of this product are Chow Now, Tabbed Out, Dinner Connection, Uncorked, Go Pago and Belly. However, the product is now in an introductory stage, but its user-friendly application and innovative ideas will hel p it to capture the market in near future. External environmental Analysis External environmental analysis of the product will be done through Porter’s five force analysis and PESTEL analysis. Porters five force analysis Industry rivalry: There are several applications for restaurant can be found in the industry. Chow Now, Tabbed out, Dinner connection, Uncorked, Go Pago and Belly have already good presence and popularity in the market. As a result a good the customer base has also been created by these brands. However the users of these applications are mainly the youths who always had an urge to try something new. So in the starting it may go slow, but with the help of the unique applications, it can easily grab the market. Bargaining power of consumers: Most of the customers are the smart phone users. Eventually they can consider as tech savvy and financially well sound. The numbers of smart phone users are increasing as different mobile companies are started launching the ir own product. It will help â€Å"Easy food† to grab the customers. Bargaining power of suppliers: Here, the suppliers are considered as the software engineers. Uniqueness of the application will make it more appealing to the consumers. Deep knowledge over the subject and the enthusiasm to innovate something new will make the application stand among the competitors. Moreover it is not about onetime expenses the site needs continuous up gradation. Threats of substitutes:

Miracles of Jesus Christ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Miracles of Jesus Christ - Essay Example And these were all manifested in the eight miracles of Jesus Christ. Turning of Water into Wine: Jesus Christ as the Living Water Jesus Christ’s first miracle according to John happened during a wedding in Cana in Galilee. There are many facets in the story that would reveal Christ’s deity. Firstly, it could be surmised that John used the symbol of water to signify spiritual cleansing. The element had been numerously cited in the bible to exemplify purification. And to purify oneself, one must have to undergo the process of a parallel spiritual cleansing. And this is achieved through compliance of the instructions of Christ. To point out, in the miracle of turning the plain water to an excellent wine, Mary specifically ordered the servants to follow the instructions given by Christ. These servants represent humanity who has specific orders to dutifully follow the life that Christ lived. And by following the path that Jesus walked, humanity’s old and sinful self d ies to pave way to the rebirth of a new and cleansed self. When we receive Christ the Living Water, we symbolically go through death and are resurrected. In this way, Jesus Christ revealed his deity as water element who can wash away our impure selves so we may become clean before God, our Father. Healing of the Dying : Jesus Christ as the Omnipresent God The second miracle that identified God as a supreme deity is when He healed the son of a prominent official as shown in John 1:1-18. The general theme embedded in this account, we may say, centered on incarnation through the power of faith. In this account, God showed Himself as a deity who is capable of healing regardless of time, distance, space, nationality, sickness, etc. He shows no favor and looks upon everyone equally as long as faith is firmly anchored on him. For humans, distance and time (among other limitations) are physical hindrances that prevent us from fully believing in the power of God. But God’s glory is de monstrated when He fully healed the dying son of the official even when he was not in the scene. And God through Jesus Christ, as an omnipresent deity, conquered the challenges brought about by space and time. Restoration of Sight : Jesus Christ as the Light of the World The third miracle performed by Christ is comparable to the previous miracle in such a way that it can be categorized under healing miracles. In this chapter, Jesus Christ manifested His glory and power by restoring the sight of a blind man. In a physical sense, the blind man symbolized blind faith among non-believers and even those who already saw Jesus but remained skeptical about His identity. The parallelism between physical blindness and spiritual blindness were emphasized in this story. Physically, the blind man was not able to see Jesus but the moment He passed by him, he developed a knowing feeling of His presence and was therefore healed. This scenario is a significant event that identified Jesus’ dei ty as the Light of the World. Biblically, this could be explained by John in the verse: â€Å"I am the light of the world†, he said. Whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness (John 1:2). In the same way, our spiritual blindness comes to an end when we allow Jesus to work into our lives. Feeding the Five Thousand : Jesus Christ as the Bread of Life Like Jesus’ identification of himself as the water that cleanses, one miracle also revealed

A Rise in Officially Authorized Economic Prospects and the Crime Rate Research Paper

A Rise in Officially Authorized Economic Prospects and the Crime Rate - Research Paper Example In the majority of cases, murder is committed by someone the sufferer is familiar with. Serial killers, who mostly choose victims at the ‘dictates of chance’ with no obvious reason have been identified to â€Å"become overcome with the urge to kill† (Lily et al, 2010), similar to the addict who wants his fix. It has been an observation that this situation is an outcome of both genetic as well as environmental aspects. This is a psychological sickness at work. Early caution symptoms take account of arson and brutality towards animals. â€Å"Crime costs the United States billions of dollars every year† (Williams & McShane, 2009). Costs appear not just from lost belongings, remunerations and health care expenditures, but the huge amount of cash syphoned into the detention centre. Legal costs are an additional aspect when talking about crime. One must consider all the wages remunerated to legal representatives as well as public advocates, in addition to the utility bills for courtrooms. Possibly, the major expenditure is reimbursing the law enforcement agencies all over the nation to fight crime to have safe streets. The death sentence has not been shown to act as prevention for crime, although it does convey the message indicating that it means business. â€Å"It is hard to say how many inmates get more out of prison other than hooking up with fellow criminals and learning new ways to commit crimes† (Tibbetts & Hemmens, 2009). Individuals who would really like to amend have the most excellent shot; how ever, not all jails have self-enhancement plans.

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Consumer Market and Consumer Buyer Behavior Essay

Consumer Market and Consumer Buyer Behavior - Essay Example According to Kotler & Armstrong (2010), the provisions allowed global marketing activities for mobile network operators. The company was willing to bring contract manufacturers on-board and develop customized products. On the other hand, Apple Inc. is Telecommunication Company with global dominance headquartered in Cupertino and incorporated in America. The company sells, develops, and designs online services, consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. According to Estelami (2009), Apple is popular for the hardware products like iPad tablet computer, Mac computers, iPhone smartphone, and iPod media player. The firm provides online services such as App Store, iTunes Store, and iCloud. Apple’s consumer software is inclusive of operating systems such as iOS and OS X, the iTunes, and the Safari web browser and iWork creativity and iLife productivity suites. Apple has well-defined marketing policies aimed at enhancing customer values. The goal of such strategic focus includes an allowance for customers to generate confidence on the product profiles. The release of new products brings in debates on the global telecommunication sector. Engraved marketing action plans are utilized in delivering solutions relating to the organizational objectives. The firm bears comprehensive range of models in marketing. Increment of promotions and sales comes from an emphasis on thorough research and development. According to Estelami (2009), outcomes are enablers of meets different customer preferences. The relevance of the Apple Company’s contribution includes increasing impacts of electronic media as well as social media networks’ command. HTC and Apple monitor the marketing initiatives through constant measurement of campaigns ratings. Departments take corrective actions towards improving efficiency and effectiveness for procedural campa igns. According to Hugh (2012), one of

Drugs and Crime Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Drugs and Crime - Essay Example With its highly addictive nature, the introduction of opium into America in the 1800s was the country’s first introduction to the dangers of recreational drug use. Originally seen as more of a disreputable practice involving the integration of races as mentioned in Martin Booth’s Opium: A History, â€Å"The dens were a sign of decadence and contact with the Chinamen, as with other colored races, was seen as socially polluting† (104), the use of opium quickly spiraled out of control. Tracing through the laws governing opium importation, one can see the government slowly becoming aware of the potential social ills brought in with the practice. According to Holden, opium importation was at first merely charged import duties in San Francisco, which were gradually increased as the government became more aware of the volumes of the drug being imported. However, raising the duties merely served to increase the smuggling trade. By 1898, legal restrictions on the use and distribution of the drug were proving to have little effect other than to drive the trade underground as was reported in that year in the Scientific American. â€Å"The great demand for the extract has induced smuggling, and illicit stills were started everywhere. Opium was and is still smuggled in at the Canada and Mexican lines. It is landed at the islands off shore and brought in by Chinese fishermen, smuggled in on steamers, dropped into the bay and the law evaded in numerous ways familiar to the ‘heathen Chinee’† (Holder 147). Despite the growing power of the opium trade in the late 1800s, â€Å"Illegal Drugs† states â€Å"[international] controls, domestic law enforcement, and a societal shunning of these much-feared substances combined to largely eliminate† the use of drugs by the outbreak of World War II. Evidence of the social opinion of the use of opium and

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A Rise in Officially Authorized Economic Prospects and the Crime Rate Research Paper

A Rise in Officially Authorized Economic Prospects and the Crime Rate - Research Paper Example In the majority of cases, murder is committed by someone the sufferer is familiar with. Serial killers, who mostly choose victims at the ‘dictates of chance’ with no obvious reason have been identified to â€Å"become overcome with the urge to kill† (Lily et al, 2010), similar to the addict who wants his fix. It has been an observation that this situation is an outcome of both genetic as well as environmental aspects. This is a psychological sickness at work. Early caution symptoms take account of arson and brutality towards animals. â€Å"Crime costs the United States billions of dollars every year† (Williams & McShane, 2009). Costs appear not just from lost belongings, remunerations and health care expenditures, but the huge amount of cash syphoned into the detention centre. Legal costs are an additional aspect when talking about crime. One must consider all the wages remunerated to legal representatives as well as public advocates, in addition to the utility bills for courtrooms. Possibly, the major expenditure is reimbursing the law enforcement agencies all over the nation to fight crime to have safe streets. The death sentence has not been shown to act as prevention for crime, although it does convey the message indicating that it means business. â€Å"It is hard to say how many inmates get more out of prison other than hooking up with fellow criminals and learning new ways to commit crimes† (Tibbetts & Hemmens, 2009). Individuals who would really like to amend have the most excellent shot; how ever, not all jails have self-enhancement plans.

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Drugs and Crime Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Drugs and Crime - Essay Example With its highly addictive nature, the introduction of opium into America in the 1800s was the country’s first introduction to the dangers of recreational drug use. Originally seen as more of a disreputable practice involving the integration of races as mentioned in Martin Booth’s Opium: A History, â€Å"The dens were a sign of decadence and contact with the Chinamen, as with other colored races, was seen as socially polluting† (104), the use of opium quickly spiraled out of control. Tracing through the laws governing opium importation, one can see the government slowly becoming aware of the potential social ills brought in with the practice. According to Holden, opium importation was at first merely charged import duties in San Francisco, which were gradually increased as the government became more aware of the volumes of the drug being imported. However, raising the duties merely served to increase the smuggling trade. By 1898, legal restrictions on the use and distribution of the drug were proving to have little effect other than to drive the trade underground as was reported in that year in the Scientific American. â€Å"The great demand for the extract has induced smuggling, and illicit stills were started everywhere. Opium was and is still smuggled in at the Canada and Mexican lines. It is landed at the islands off shore and brought in by Chinese fishermen, smuggled in on steamers, dropped into the bay and the law evaded in numerous ways familiar to the ‘heathen Chinee’† (Holder 147). Despite the growing power of the opium trade in the late 1800s, â€Å"Illegal Drugs† states â€Å"[international] controls, domestic law enforcement, and a societal shunning of these much-feared substances combined to largely eliminate† the use of drugs by the outbreak of World War II. Evidence of the social opinion of the use of opium and

The Age of Oversharing Essay Example for Free

The Age of Oversharing Essay â€Å"My battery in my phone is dying† or â€Å"Oh, he can tweet but can’t text back? † is what floods Twitter user’s timeline on a daily basis. Meghan Daum refers to this as the Age of Oversharing in her essay â€Å"I Don’t Give a Tweet What You’re Doing,† where she sarcastically dissects the controversies behind Twitter and how nearly fourteen million users have completely abandoned Twitter’s â€Å"initial function to serve as an information conduit between close friends and family† (233). Along with her beliefs of Twitter adding to our already compromised interpersonal skills she carries the tone of being bitter and harsh throughout her essay as she evaluates the many answers to the question â€Å"what are you doing? † with a better question â€Å"what the hell are we doing? † Although Twitter serves to connect others instantly it ceases human interaction almost instantly as well. We live in a world where everything around us is done almost instantly and more conveniently. Prime examples, fast food restaurants, self-serve salad bars, fast thirty day weight lost results and JG Wentworth’s â€Å"it’s my money and I need it now! We expect everything around us to move at a fast pace and that is exactly what is happening on Twitter, what you ate for breakfast, what article you read during lunch and your favorite show you watch every night before bed is now being shared with the world instantly with the click of a button. Daum refers to this as the Age of Oversharing, consecutive irrelevant post right after another which completely defeats the purpose of solely connecting with love ones not only because of geographical dispersions but also the reality of daily work and school commitments. Researchers at Harvard came up with studies that explain how Twitter has contributed to the Age of Oversharing and that is because nearly eighty percent of tweets on Twitter are of one’s own immediate experiences. This is because â€Å"researchers found that the act of disclosing information about oneself activates the same sensation of pleasure in the brain that we get from eating food, getting money or having sex† (Susan 2). That explains why every time I check my timeline someone either is willingly announcing that they are on the bus this morning for work or what kind of cereal that had this morning . I admit I am guilty of also tweeting about the day I just had or how I cannot wait for class to be over so I can watch Basketball Wives later that night on VH1. Our constant tweets reveal to our followers what we are truly about. Twitter can be obnoxious at times, constantly viewing irrelevant tweets from your followers on a daily basis. Daum takes the time to evaluate Twitter as if it were a person, stating that Twitter would be â€Å"an emotionally unstable person†¦that person we avoid at parties† (233). She goes further to add that Twitter will be the person we would view as mentally ill and will eventually feel sorry for. Her tone here towards Twitter is depicted as being fed up with users disclosed thoughts of one’s self. Daum examines these tweets as unstable and this is apparent because if you take away the whole purpose and backbone of Twitter, it is just mostly users microblogging their every move and thought. Looking at the bigger picture this is when â€Å"I don’t give a tweet what you’re doing† becomes notable. It is true that we all have that one friend that constantly rambles about something either random or irrelevant. My friend Bobby is that friend that mirrors Daum’s reflection of Twitter as a person. For instance, Bobby is always looking for attention and if no one is giving it to her she splats out something pointless just like most Twitter users do. I would rather not answer her phone calls because she can go on about herself and drift off upon pointless conversations becoming â€Å"the tragic oversharer† we would all like to avoid. Today since gestures like a wave hello or a polite smile are now being used more openly than before in emoticons through social networks, face to face interaction between people has now diminished. Daum asks the question of, are we tweeting because we truly want to communicate with a select group of true friends, or because typing has replaced talking? Being that free thoughts and videos are now instantly streaming to friends and family over Twitter, there leaves little room for story telling of a series of unfortunate events that can fit in a 140 character text box. It seems many prefer typing over talking, this can also explain the oversharing on social networks. Daum argues that we have misused Twitter for what it is really worth; instead of spoken words they are typed. I see this in my best friend Stephanie’s family where favors and questions for each other are preferred typed. Just last week I was over, Stephanie’s older brother sent her a tweet asking her â€Å"where is the remote? † Spoken communication becomes absent as connecting online becomes apparent more and more. Collectively, more ideas are being typed instead of spoken and excessive feelings are being squeezed into emoticons rather than expressed in person. In â€Å"I Don’t Give a Tweet What You’re Doing† Daum argues that this generation has entered the Age of Oversharing and has left the age of the telephone. Obnoxious and pointless tweets fed our ego’s.

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A Case Study Of Sea Turtle Conservation Environmental Sciences Essay

A Case Study Of Sea Turtle Conservation Environmental Sciences Essay Sea turtles are being caught throughout the world even though these endangered species are illegal to hunt them. Most of these sea turtles are being hunt down for food. These turtles are considered a source of fine dine in most parts of the world for centuries now. For instance, one Chinese text that dates back to the 5th century B.[1] describes marine turtles as exotic food. Several coastal countries harvest these sea turtles and use them as a major source of protein in their everyday food. These people also use turtle eggs in their food. Certain other countries like Mexico use these turtles in boots Certain species of sea turtles are hunted down for their shell. For instance, one of the species called hawksbill sea turtle produces Tortoise shell which is a traditional decorative ornament in Japanese and Chinese culture[1]. Similarly the Ancient Greeks and Romans used turtle scutes to make ornaments and jewellery for the elites. The Moche tribe of Peru worship turtles along with other sea animals. Sea turtles have been enormously depicted in Moche arts[2]. Tropical beaches are kind of made safe by the sea turtles that are immune to jelly-fish toxin and frequently eat them. Green sea turtle are few sea animals that feed on the green sea grass. Certain sea turtles graze on the sea grass under the sea that is supposed to be kept short in order to maintain the health of the sea[3]. The sea grass bed is the developmental and feeding ground for several sea animals. Loss of sea grass bed can result in lower levels of food chain and loss of several sea life and endanger countless marine species[3]. The following are the eight endangered species of marine chelonians; loggerheads (Caretta caretta), hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata), leatherbacks (Dermochelys coriacea), kemps ridley turtles (Lepidochelys kempii), olive ridley turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea), flat-back turtles (Natator depresses), green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas), and the black sea turtles (Chelonia agassizii). These endangered species have numerous biological features as well as in their life cycle which makes them chiefly susceptible to human interference[4]. Usually, the majority migrates between feeding and nesting grounds, have a longer life span, nest on semi-tropical and tropical beaches, breed seasonally, have bulky clutch sizes, and have elevated mortality before adulthood. The sea turtle population size and dynamics are not just affected by one anthropogenic cause rather there are numerous threats both on shore and out in the sea that is responsible for the declining population size in almost a ll the species[3]. The main consideration is commonly given to in shore and beach conservation. This paper will evaluate the present stressors on sea turtle populations from the standpoint of nesting beach associated conservation including instability to nesting females and to clutches and hatchlings. This paper furthermore will comprise an inspection of the management methods to tackle with decreasing populations in nesting areas, including management normally employed in developed countries[5], management with the public education and participation in third-world countries, and management of pre-nesting females present off-shore, who are frequently caught as bicatch during fishing. During breeding and nesting periods the sea turtles gather off shore at the beach and thus are easily accessible to the human populations. This is the time when these turtles can be either positively or negatively affected by the human population. Disturbance to nesting females is the primary hindrance in nesting beach conservation projects. Pedestrian intrusion and under education concerning the suitable manners to interact with nesting females is typically the main threat, and in severe cases such as in developing countries, simmering is extremely persistent and hard to manage, but is generally uncommon in developed countries[4][5]. Human interference can cause females to get lost inland and become entrapped in bushes and die from dehydration and stress, run over by cars, and potentially come in contact with dangerous and toxic materials and protract life threatening injuries. Similar consequences can result from light induced disorientation[6]. The female turtles have an innate tendency to orient themselves to the brightest horizon which is always the sea, but lights from buildings and cars and other kinds of human interference can make them disorientated and crawl towards what can be called as potential hazards. Human interference in addition may lead to abandoned nesting attempts, as the females may find the beach inapt and dangerous, probably taking humans as predators that may eat her clutch or cause her injury. Furthermore, beach furniture, cemented pavements, roads and similar other obstacles can interfere with the normal biology of sea turtles and cause the female turtle to find the beach inapt and insecure for nesting attempts[7][8]. There have been reports of beach furniture and other similar objects being the cause of death for female turtles. The fact that female turtles frequently false crawl has been documented and observed to be true[8]. The female turtle crawls on the beach and then make a U turn to crawl up again and back down, this is a way to reassure that the beach is suitable and secure for the final nesting. On the less disturbed beaches there are generally identical amounts of nesting and non-nesting appearances, where on extremely disturbed beaches non-nesting emergences can be several times higher than nesting appearances[2]. The outcome of high aborted nesting trials is not known, it has been implied that these females typically find a close by beach which is more apt, or probably reabsorb the eggs[1]. The clutch and hatchlings are generally very vulnerable to damage from human interference. Apart from human interference the clutch and hatchlings are also susceptible to natural predators, environment and natural mortality[9][4]. No matter how good a researcher might be, if he or she is not well aware of the needs and risks of these clutch and hatchlings, they can significantly decrease the nests success. Several of the threats on concerned beaches comprise beach tools flouting or revealing eggs, human pests like dogs, cats, raccoons and rats digging up eggs. Artificially constructed barriers and constructions on the beach can lead to the drowning of eggs, the hatchlings can get attacked by fire ants, rà Ã‚ µlocation of thà Ã‚ µ clutch outsidà Ã‚ µ thà Ã‚ µ safà Ã‚ µ 6-hour post-dà Ã‚ µposition window, rotating à Ã‚ µggs during rà Ã‚ µlocation, and entanglement in holes and ruts[10]. The threats discussed above are besides the natural threats like predators and other wild dogs and cats that can potentially attack the hatchlings, and the environmental effects of bad nest position leading to below optimum moisture, plants, sand resolution, aà Ã‚ µration, tà Ã‚ µmpà Ã‚ µraturà Ã‚ µ, and vulnà Ã‚ µrability to sà Ã‚ µasonal interference such as hurricane storm surge[8][9][10]. The most rational method to improve and advance marine sea turtle life is by managing the nesting beaches. These beaches are reachable to researchers and a basis of high mortality for hatchlings and adults. Nest management programs are one of the most widespread and effectual ways of enhancing survival, particularly in adjunct with legislation and community cooperation[1]. There are a number of programs that are completely community based, where marine turtles are an important part of the domestic financial system, custom and food source, and the sustainable management of the animals is a source of income for the community and a safe haven for marine turtle conservation[10]. [5] The majority of the programs in the developed countries are concerned with the safety of the nests and the beaches from intrusion and human interference. Besides this other management strategies deal with the gathering of females off-shore during the nesting period, where leisure and fishing ships cause the death of females from accidents, entrapment in fishing lines, and drowning in trawl nests[4]. The nesting beach program of Sarasota n Florida is a typical model of the developed nesting beach program. During the nesting season, the nesting beaches are constantly patrolled. A documented track is kept during these patrols for nesting and non-nesting emergences[4][6], in addition the nests are marked off with wooden stakes and flags in order to keep a track of nests and at the same time make the public aware of the nests presence. Areas with high risk of predation, human interference or any other similar hazards have a deeply rooted iron cage around the nests to protect the emerging hatchlings from these hazards. The wooden stakes used to mark the nest have a detailed information tag that includes the date at which the nest was laid along with the nest number and GPS coordinates in case the original stakes become lost due to any reason. Records are kept concerning any abnormal tracks or nests made by females, as they are typically a sign of interruption or disorientation from human sources. The nests are under surveillance all through the season for damage caused by delinquents, flood, ant invasion, predators, and damage caused by storm surge[10]. The contents of the clutches are sorted out 24- 48 hours after they have hatched. Alive hatchlings are brought to the aquarium to provide required care and are kept there until the end of the season before releasing them. The amount of dead partially hatched hatchlings are calculated from the remains of the shell[9]. Nest success is calculated for every nest as the amount of hatchlings that effectively hatch and leave the nest; regrettably post-hatch predation can frequently not be calculated and included in the measure. The nest success is used to evaluate the comparative success of the conservation methods, and to recognize main risky and low success locations and may begin the probable repositioning of nests in prospective years. One of the significant things to be considered across the management region is the nests to non nesting emergences ratio. This is important due to the fact that areas that diverge from the anticipated 1:1 ratio may either be extremely disturbed as females terminate most nesting attempts, or an extremely flourishing beach with a high amount of nesting emergences[5]. These beaches can then be prioritized into beaches which need extreme consideration and regulation due to extreme interruption, or need to be conserved so that extremely successful beaches are not lost to development. These management programs and their enforcement power is frequently supported by federal and state legislation that enforce heavy penalties and jail time to people who directly or indirectly contribute to the interruption of a sea turtle, its nest, or hatchlings. Infomration of this program was acquired from personal experience at Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, Florida, 2005, whilà Ã‚ µ corrà Ã‚ µspond ingly dà Ã‚ µscribà Ã‚ µd programs includà Ã‚ µ onà Ã‚ µ in Brazil, in diffà Ã‚ µrà Ã‚ µnt arà Ã‚ µas of Florida (Johnson and Eckhart, 1996; Antworth, et al., 2006), and in Greece[5][7][8][9]. Community conservation is regularly a very booming in terms of economy conservation program in third world countries, as sea turtles are very imperative for the local economy, custom and as a food source[1]. Locals are commonly willing to contribute and operate their own programs as these programs significantly benefit the community. An example of a extremely flourishing program is in Ostional, Costa Rica, which is the sight of one of the worlds largà Ã‚ µst mass nà Ã‚ µsting of thà Ã‚ µ Olivà Ã‚ µ Ridlà Ã‚ µy sà Ã‚ µa turtlà Ã‚ µ. When the fà Ã‚ µmalà Ã‚ µs waiting off shorà Ã‚ µ arà Ã‚ µ cuà Ã‚ µd to begin nesting locals consider the cue is correlated to the lunar cycle- the local group of turtle[2][3][6] watchers and visiting rà Ã‚ µsà Ã‚ µarchà Ã‚ µrs takà Ã‚ µ tourists to vià Ã‚ µw nà Ã‚ µsting for a fà Ã‚ µÃƒ Ã‚ µ, which is an important basis of income for the villagers. At times the turtles start digging up other turtles nest to deposit their own due to the high density of nesting females in the vicinity. Due to the fact that the life span of dislodged eggs significantly reduces 6 hours post deposit the local villagers are permitted to collect the dislodged eggs and sell them in the market at a price of a chicken egg to avoid black market demand. Some of the locals also help researchers and participate in caging clutches at risk from predation, and teach tourists about the anthropogenic and natural risks to sea turtles. The offshore gathering of the nesting females is a threat since these females are at greater risk to accidents through offshore human. Even though the traffic off-shore from nà Ã‚ µsting bà Ã‚ µachà Ã‚ µs is difficult to control, the development of the turtle excluder device for fishing vessels has reduced the number of drowning deaths of sea turtles in nets. In Bahia Magdalena, Mexico, numerous turtle carcasses for numerous species of marine turtle are found decaying all along beaches inside the town, which are typically due to the bi-catch from off-shore trawling, if not from plundering. The turtle excluder device is an add-on to trawl nets that let turtles to get away through a huge trap door in the back of the net, and has saved countless nesting and foraging turtles from drowning. Regrettably in certain parts of the world, such as in Mexico and India, there are enormous deaths due to trawling around the nesting period, and the local fishermen decline to utilize the excluder devices, in spite of being offered without any cost, since they believe they might lose their catch when the turtles exit the net. In fact only few fishes are lost through the trap door and moreover it will save them more money since they wont have to restore or repair the damaged nets caused due to entangled turtles[1]. Another source of mortality is the longline fishing. The sea turtles can potentially take the bait and become entangled in longlines, although, the introduction of circular hooks have helped reduce the mortality due to specific cause. Lately, numerous nesting beach programs globally, have been tagging nesting females through satellite[6][7]. This way they can keep track of the nesting females position before nesting attempts along with their migratory routes and destinations. This helps in refining and cleaning the area in order to regulate fishing and human activity, thus minimizing disturbance. Monitoring turtle population through nesting beaches and enhanced recruitment is an extremely practical and cost effective way to conserve the endangered sea turtle species. While a good amount of a turtles life is spent migrating and foraging, the nesting period during which these turtles come off shore to breed is the only time during which they can easily be accessible to researchers. The majority programs are comparatively successful in improving nesting success mired by human activity simply through presence and protection of nests[5]. Success is generally restricted by the collaboration of the community, since extra stress is placed on the people from communities apart from to the natural level of predation and mortality. In numerous developed countries the maintenance of nesting beaches with legislation and patrol programs linking community education have led to an increment in population growth rates. Even as there are more management problems in third-world nations, owing to insufficient of funding and lax legislation and enforcement, instilling a feeling of liability for the sea turtles in the local people can go a long way in incrà Ã‚ µasing thà Ã‚ µ nà Ã‚ µsting succà Ã‚ µss of thà Ã‚ µ bà Ã‚ µach.

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Home Education: Legal and Beneficial Essay -- essays research papers

ARGUMENT PAPER Home Education: Legal and Beneficial Formal Outline Thesis: As parents, we not only have the right to educate our own children, but it is also our responsibility. I. Introduction II. Legality of homeschooling 1. Amendments a. 1st b. 14th c. 9th 2. Cases heard in court 3. State regulations a. teacher certification b. public school equivalency c. compelling state interest d. least restrictive means III. Benefits 1. Emotional 2. Spiritual 3. Educational IV. SOCIALIZATION – the main opposing argument 1. Opportunities for in homeschooling 2. Negative in public (or private) schools 3. Results of testing conducted V. Not a new fad, back to the way we were 1. Notables who were homeschooled 2. History of current homeschool movement VI. Conclusion Home Education: Legal and Beneficial While the idea of schooling children at home is not new to our country, it is new to our generation. Most parents today, including myself, are a product of the school system and rarely explore all of the options for schooling our children. Due to a lack of knowledge, we place our children in a preschool, then a kindergarten, eight years of elementary, and four years of secondary school. Fourteen or fifteen years (preschool is now beginning at age three) of our children’s lives are being spent away from us, and we’re wondering why we’ve lost touch with them. Psychologists now say that it’s not just quality time that we need with our kids, but quality and quantity time. How are we to give them a large amount of our time when they are away from us the majority of their waking hours? Homeschooling is the solution to this dilemma. Because of the lack of knowledge about schooling options, parents have many questions about homeschooling. Some of the major questions include the following: Is it legal?; Can it provide the same breadth of education?; and, most frequently, What about socialization? The responses to these questions make it clear that we have not only the right, but also the responsibility to school our children at home. Forty years ago, homeschooling was illegal in some places, so it is reasonable to question the legality of the homeschool. â€Å"Early homeschooling parents were legally threatened, arrested, and often brought to trial as abettors of truancy, sometimes even as child abusers†(Koetzsch 134).... ...nments were formed, and therefore families are quite capable of managing their affairs, including education, without the help of the government† (Blumenfeld 9).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Recently, an overwhelming lack of trust in public schools has arisen. Not only is the educational rigor disappearing, but there is now also a concern for the safety of our children. Studies have even shown that many high school graduates are not prepared for life after school. Some graduates have found a way to escape notice that they cannot even read, write adequately, or perform simple mathematical functions. A study by John Goodlad â€Å"sent note takers into a thousand classrooms, and they found that less than two percent of instructional time was spent on discussions requiring students to offer an opinion about something† (Guterson 42). A child whose intellect is not developed to the point of creating opinions and discussing them cannot fully participate in the adult world. The only way to make sure that our children do not fall through the cracks is to take them by hand and lead them one by one down the path of knowledge. School your children at home; it’s your right and responsibility.

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Service Learning in College Essay -- Essays Papers Education Teaching

Service Learning in College Service learning provides college students with a whole new method of learning. This type of learning provides a student with an experience outside of the classroom in their area of concentration. Emily Knab, a college student at the University of Miami, has experienced service learning and found it very beneficial in her area of interest. Emily is studying education and wants to become a teacher in the future. She performed her service learning at an elementary school, focusing her attention on the third grade. She shadowed the teacher and completed many of the tasks that she would normally do. The students found Emily to be very helpful and respected her as if she were their real teacher. Emily stated that, â€Å"Service learning strengthened, increased, and developed my knowledge in education.† Service learning brings together the needs of the people within the community and gives students the chance to work with those needs (â€Å"Service Learning,â₠¬  par. 10). Field experiences combined with service learning activities is an essential part of growing academically (LaMaster 1). Service learning brings together student, community, and teacher through performance and education. Service learning has a growing history in the United States. The Native American people are the sources of community service. It was a part of their ethics that helping one another was the right thing to do (Wade 23-4). Helping one another was one of the only means of staying alive back when the native people were located around the United States. One of the largest steps in the expansion of service learning would have to be the establishment of the Civilian Conservation Corps with the leader... ... Douglas J. Simpson. To Serve and Learn: The Spirit of Community in Liberal Education. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 1998. 21-33. Frederickson, J. Patricia. â€Å"Does Service Learning Make a Difference in Student Performance?† The Journal of Experiential Education Fall 2000: 1-12. Knab, Emily. Personal interview. 29 Oct. 2001. LaMaster, J. Kathryn. â€Å"Enhancing Preservice Teachers Field Experiences Through the Addition of a Service Learning Component.† The Journal of Experiential Education Spring 2001: 1-8. Wade, C. Rahima. Community Service-Learning: A Guide to Including Service in the Public School Curriculum. New York: State University of New York Press, 1997. 19-46. â€Å"What is Service Learning?† Service Learning: The Home of Service Learning on the World Wide Web 22 Oct. 2001 .

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Second Foundation 10. Approaching Crisis

A week had passed on the Second Foundation, and the First Speaker was smiling once again upon the Student. â€Å"You must have brought me interesting results, or you would not be so filled with anger.† The Student put his hand upon the sheaf of calculating paper he had brought with him and said, â€Å"Are you sure that the problem is a factual one?† â€Å"The premises are true. I have distorted nothing.† â€Å"Then I must accept the results, and I do not want to.† â€Å"Naturally. But what have your wants to do with it? Well, tell me what disturbs you so. No, no, put your derivations to one side. I will subject them to analysis afterward. Meanwhile, talk to me. Let me judge your understanding.† â€Å"Well, then, Speaker – It becomes very apparent that a gross overall change in the basic psychology of the First Foundation has taken place. As long as they knew of the existence of a Seldon Plan, without knowing any of the details thereof, they were confident but uncertain. They knew they would succeed, but they didn't know when or how. There was, therefore, a continuous atmosphere of tension and strain – which was what Seldon desired. The First Foundation, in other words, could be counted upon to work at maximum potential.† â€Å"A doubtful metaphor,† said the First Speaker, â€Å"but I understand you.† â€Å"But now, Speaker, they know of the existence of a Second Foundation in what amounts to detail, rather merely than as an ancient and vague statement of Seldon's. They have an inkling as to its function as the guardian of the Plan. They know that an agency exists which watches their every step and will not let them fall. So they abandon their purposeful stride and allow themselves to be carried upon a litter. Another metaphor, I'm afraid.† â€Å"Nevertheless, go on.† â€Å"And that very abandonment of effort; that growing inertia; that lapse into softness and into a decadent and hedonistic culture, means the ruin of the Plan. They must be self-propelled.† â€Å"Is that all?† â€Å"No, there is more. The majority reaction is as described. But a great probability exists for a minority reaction. Knowledge of our guardianship and our control will rouse among a few, not complacence, but hostility. This follows from Korillov's Theorem-â€Å" â€Å"Yes, yes. I know the theorem.† â€Å"I'm sorry, Speaker. It is difficult to avoid mathematics. In any case, the effect is that not only is the Foundation's effort diluted, but part of it is turned against us, actively against us.† â€Å"And is that all?† â€Å"There remains one other factor of which the probability is moderately low-† â€Å"Very good. What is that?† â€Å"While the energies of the First Foundation were directed only to Empire; while their only enemies were huge and outmoded hulks that remained from the shambles of the past, they were obviously concerned only with the physical sciences. With us forming a new, large part of their environment, a change in view may well be imposed on them. They may try to become psychologists-â€Å" â€Å"That change,† said the First Speaker, coolly, â€Å"has already taken place.† The Student's lips compressed themselves into a pale line. â€Å"Then all is over. It is the basic incompatibility with the Plan. Speaker, would I have known of this if I had lived – outside?† The First Speaker spoke seriously, â€Å"You feel humiliated, my young man, because, thinking you understood so much so well, you suddenly find that many very apparent things were unknown to you. Thinking you were one of the Lords of the Galaxy; you suddenly find that you stand near to destruction. Naturally, you will resent the ivory tower in which you lived; the seclusion in which you were educated; the theories on which you were reared. â€Å"I once had that feeling. It is normal. Yet it was necessary that in your formative years you have no direct contact with the Galaxy, that you remain here, where all knowledge is filtered to you, and your mind carefully sharpened. We could have shown you this†¦ this part-failure of the Plan earlier and spared you the shock now, but you would not have understood the significance properly, as you now will. Then you find no solution at all to the problem?† The Student shook his head and said hopelessly, â€Å"None!† â€Å"Well, it is not surprising. Listen to me, young man. A course of action exists and has been followed for over a decade. It is not a usual course, but one that we have been forced into against our will. It involves low probabilities, dangerous assumptions – We have even been forced to deal with individual reactions at times, because that was the only possible way, and you know that Psychostatistics by its very nature has no meaning when applied to less than planetary numbers.† â€Å"Are we succeeding?† gasped the Student. â€Å"There's no way of telling yet. We have kept the situation stable so far – but for the first time in the history of the Plan, it is possible for the unexpected actions of a single individual to destroy it. We have adjusted a minimum number of outsiders to a needful state of mind; we have our agents – but their paths are planned. They dare not improvise. That should be obvious to you. And I will not conceal the worst – if we are discovered, here, on this world, it will not only be the Plan that is destroyed, but ourselves, our physical selves. So you see, our solution is not very good.† â€Å"But the little you have described does not sound like a solution at all, but like a desperate guess.† â€Å"No. Let us say, an intelligent guess.† â€Å"When is the crisis, Speaker? When will we know whether we have succeeded or not?† â€Å"Well within the year, no doubt.† The Student considered that, then nodded his head. He shook hands with the Speaker. â€Å"Well, it's good to know.† He turned on his heel and left. The first Speaker looked out silently as the window gained transparency. Past the giant structures to the quite, crowding stars. A year would pass quickly. Would any of them, any of Seldon's heritage, be alive at its end?

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Management Function Essay

All organizations depend on group efforts. Teamwork and group action have become necessary in every day of life, and it will lead to the success in group efforts. The management will be very important to the groups because it can helps to achieve group goals, provides maximum resources to his or her team, minimizes the cost, establishes sound organization, and generates more welfare to his or her team. Management functions, manager’s skills, management control and strategic management process will be analyzed to define how an excellent manager should be. Four Management Functions The four management functions comprise the primary functions to the managers. These four functions which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling can be used in all fields of management, be it at a factory, a super market, a restaurant or even at home. Planning Managers need to perform the planning function to define goals, establish strategies to achieve these goals and develop sub plans to coordinate activities for his or her team members. For example, as a merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, the manager needs to define what the target customers like Western people, South East Asia people or East Asians the supermarkets want to attract. After define the goals are attract more and more Asian-Canadian families, the manager need to establish strategies like bringing Asian-Canadian families fresh foods and introducing the diversity of Asian food culture at stores that offer exceptional convenience, service, and value to those Asian customers. Then, lots of sub plans like which kind of merchandises should be imported and the merchandises’ price setting strategies will be developed by the manager and pass to different buyers to follow up. Organizing Managers need to arrange job duties to his or her team members to achieve the organization’s goal. The managers will determine what tasks should be done, who will responsible for the task and how the tasks are to be grouped. For example, as the merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, the manager needs to organize his or her team to different group and each group will in charge of different merchandises by categories like drink, snack, rice oil and noodles. After different teams have been organized, each team’s supervisor will be selected by the merchandising manager. The buyers will report to their supervisors and the supervisors will report to the merchandising manager. Leading Managers need to lead their team members to achieve the organizations’ goals. The leading function will require the managers to provide good communication skills and lead ship skills to resolve the behavior issues. As the merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, some conflicts will be appeared with different buyers. Buyers will provide some products that buyers want to promote to be the promotion products in each week’s flyer, due to the limited space of the flyer, not all the products will be selected to be the promotion products by merchandising manager. The manager will use the communication skills and lead ship skills to let the buyers know why their products cannot be selected and what they should improve next time. Controlling The last management function is controlling. Managers need to evaluate and monitor employees’ performance and make sure every step is correct to achieve the goals. As the merchandising manager, the merchandises’ sales are the key performance index to evaluate buyers’ performance. Usually, merchandising manager will use category sales to evaluate each team’s performance and total stores sales’ growth percentage to evaluate the whole department’s performance. Skills Required by Managers Technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills are three most important skills required by managers. Though these three skills, managers can know more about the specified filed they are working, have better interpersonal relationship with people and have more ideas when facing the complex situations. Technical skills Managers need have strong technical skills in the specified filed because the managers need to deal with his or her employees when the employees face some difficulties during the working. The managers will give help and lead the employees to solve technical problems to achieve the organizations’ goals. For example, as a merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, he or she must have strong purchasing skills, budgeting skills, know well with different merchandises that are sold in stores and inventory management skills. Human skills Managers must have ability to work well with different employees. Managers with perfect human skills, they can receive more and more trust from their employees and the employees can make full effort to achieve the organizations’ goals. As the supermarket chain’s merchandising manager, he or she should get well not only with different buyers, but also with store levels’ employees. If the manager can work well with store levels’ employees, the products that they imported can be displayed very well and follow merchandising department’s pricing strategies, as a result, the company’s goal can be achieved easily. Conceptual skills Managers must have ability to analyze and provide solutions when facing difficulties or complex situations. In the business world, top-level management positions usually required to have this skill. For example, as the merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, when the new store will be opened, the manager will use conceptual skills to analyze what the best location is, what the best merchandises will be on shelf and what the target sales will be generated and so on. Also, if one of categories’ sales was continuing decreasing in the past several weeks, the manager need provide insight and solutions to the category team to help them overcome the difficulties. Two Views of Management Control Omnipotent view of management: The traditional view of managers is that they are directly responsible for organizations’ success and failures. When the organizations’ performance is poor, the managers should provide reasons and solutions; when the organizations’ performance is good, the managers should get the credit even if they only do little things to achieve the goals. Symbolic view of management Managers only have limited effects on organizational outcomes and performances because of the large number of factors like customers, competitors, government policies and economy outside the control of managers. Both omnipotent view of management and symbolic view of management purpose are to achieve organizations’ goals and provide the excellent performance to the organizations. As well, either omnipotent view of management or symbolic view of management, managers needs to make decisions within organizations when something happened. Like the merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, if stores’ sales are continuing decreasing, whatever the reason is merchandises’ price are not attractive or the outside economy is in downtrend, the manager need provide insights and solutions to improve sales for the company. However, there are big differences between omnipotent view of management and symbolic view of management. The managers will in charge of everything for organizations’ success and failures under omnipotent view of management; but under the symbolic view of management, lots of external factors will affect organizations’ performance, so the managers do not have big effects on organizational outcomes and performances. As the merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, when stores’ sales are continuing decreasing, the manager will think if customers do not like the merchandises that they imported or the merchandises’ price is too high for the customers under omnipotent view of management, then the manager will provide solutions to improve the sales; however, under the symbolic view of management, the manager will think about if stores’ sales were effected by strong competitions in the market or the downtrend of economy. Strategic Management Process Step1: identify the organization’s current mission, goals and strategies Explain: The mission, goals and strategies of an organization are very important to employees, especially for managers. Managers need to create scope work by step to achieve organizations’ goals, missions and strategies. Example: A supermarket Inc. mission is that attract more and more Asian-Canadian families, bringing Asian-Canadian families fresh foods and introducing the diversity of Asian food culture at stores that offer exceptional convenience, service, and value to those Asian customers. The merchandising manager need bring in more Asian products to the stores to attract customers. Step2: do an internal analysis Explain: An internal analysis about the organization’s resources and capabilities will be done to indentify the organization’s strength and weakness Example: The merchandising manager will do an internal analysis to indentify the company’s strength which is have different kinds of Asian foods cross grocery, produce, seafood and bakery and weakness which is lack of experience about what kind of western foods is suitable for Asian customers. Step3: do an external analysis Explain: An external analysis about the business environment, government policies, and competitions will be done to help managers know opportunities and threats for organizations. Example: The merchandising manager will do an external analysis to know the opportunities and threats for the company. Opportunities are more and more Asian families move to Toronto and lots of labor supply in the market. Threats are the strong competitions exist in Toronto’s Asian supermarkets field. Step4: formulate strategies Explain: After identify organizations’ missions and finished internal and external analysis, managers need formulate strategies to achieve organizations’ mission base on SWOT. Example: The merchandising manager formulates the strategy which is open more new stores to achieve the company’s mission. More and more Asian families move to Toronto and lots of labor supply in the market, new stores will be easy opened and can attract more Asian customers. Meanwhile, strong competitions exist in the market, the company need to increase the number of stores to low the products’ cost. Step5: implement strategies Explain: After managers formulate the strategies, lots of members will be involved to implement the strategies to achieve organizations’ goals. Example: The merchandising manager will request his or her buyers to import more Asian merchandises for new stores, work with the store operation department to decide the layout of stores and work with finance department about new stores’ budget. Step6: evaluate results Explain: After the strategies were implemented, managers need to evaluate the results to see if achieve the organizations’ goals and make any adjustments if necessary. Example: After new store was opened, the managers need to calculate if store’s sales had been achieved the target. If not, the manager will provide solutions to improve store sales immediately.