Thursday, October 31, 2019

Rhetoric Analysis on Children with Diabetes Essay

Rhetoric Analysis on Children with Diabetes - Essay Example his two sons for school and the preparation includes giving his younger son insulin injections to maintain the blood sugar level since the child was diagnosed with diabetes. Despite the busy schedule, Parker creates some time to check on his diabetic child while at school. There has been an increasing trend in the average number of children and young adults being diagnosed with diabetes. According to the centers for disease control and prevention, there has been a significant increase in the number of children and adolescents living with either type one or type two diabetes. This has raised concerns among professionals on how to manage diabetes especially among the young children who still need great supervision in all aspects whatsoever and living with diabetes includes medication on a daily basis. Campaigns are held across the country to sensitize parents on how to care for and help their little ones live a normal life with diabetic conditions. It is possible for any parent to work and at the same time take good care of their children living with diabetes. Mr. Parker is a good example that parents should emulate and give their ailing children proper attention and care. In children, managing diabetes may not be as easy as it may seem on adults. Children are normally active and playful and this may not be favorable condition for people with diabetes. For children, it is the responsibility of the parent to remind them of the medication and strictly manage their diets and activities. Mr. parker ensures that his ailing child eat the right food throughout the day and do not over engage in activities that require a lot of energy at school. This has been possible by discussing the child’s condition with the teacher. Packer calls the school after every three hours to know the child’s condition, in case there are complications, he sends an ambulance to take the child to hospital. Conclusively, diabetes among children is on the rise and it is the parent’s

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