Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The State Judicial Selection Process Assignment

The State Judicial Selection Process - Assignment Example Once a judicial officer ir a judge has been appointed, it would be expected that he or she would serve for a period of one year and then they would be subjected to a retention election based on the positive and negative affirmative yes or no. it is important to note and mention that the one year probation year serves as a litmus test to gauge the service and effectiveness of the judge. In any case the retention panel notes or realizes that the merit and quality of the judge has taken a dip of whichever aspect, the judge would not be re-elected and henceforth lose his or her judgeship position and stature. If a judge is elected his or her term would begin after the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January. Accordingly, there are irreducible minimums that are involved if a person wishes to serve as a judge in the state of Florida. The person must have practiced law and exhibited signs of excellence for a minimum period of ten years. The same person must be below the mandatory retirement age of seventy years, since it is a design that at the age of seventy the judges would have to retire. Another qualification is that the person must be a qualified elector within the legal fraternity and parameters. Intuitively, the vetting committee or panel would have the opportunity and chance to verify and interview an applicant then forward the same list of names to the governor of the state. The judicial nomination committee fronts the names of the three to six competent candidates to be considered for judgeship to the governor who is the appointing authority. In Florida, in case a vacancy occurs such as through resignation or natural death or cause, the judicial nominating committee would conduct vetting on the interested persons. The names of the successful applicants would then forward the name to the governor so that the vacancy would be filled accordingly. In Texas, the selection process

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