Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Critical Response Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Critical Response - Research Paper Example The music and sound combination was very influential and ideal for building the mood for what was happening or what is about to happen. Of all the general suppositions that we discussed and argued about in the class regarding the movie’s sound and music, I guess the other most important thing is that the illustration of the bond of blood relations especially that of a mother and daughter that has been portrayed very differently in a motion picture (Williams 30). Although they, as a bottom line, convey the natural purity and unavoidable magnetism of this relation, yet, there projection has been done very differently. As we discussed the term didactic in detail, it can be seen how the didactic theme of the movie puts on to the viewers what to believe and what not to believe. I can confidently use the term didactic about the movies since the movie made me think about it for quite some time after watching it- of a brilliancy that is equally sad and somewhat disturbing. As far as t he story is concerned, it is a dry run mother daughter relationship through an unusual depiction of astounding acting and a splendidly full, melodramatic and emotional score. Glamour radiates in full swing from the scenes of this movie. The use of heighted emotions for revenge and internal emptiness extends till the last scene with some suspense during the mid scenes. The characters look rich and they are tracked by media. It mainly tells a love story about three characters, who are not actually in love. In fact, they are all together for some purpose, hate and revenge (Shaw 60). The two ladies, Rebecca and Becky, the former the daughter and latter the mother, are competing for the same man. Rebecca marries her mother’s boyfriend Manuel, to revenge against her insecurities that she had developed as a child, since her mother stayed more occupied with her romantic life during her childhood, rather than attending to her needs (Shaw 61). The mother gets back her old days feelings when she sees her daughter’s husband. The husband, Manuel, enjoys the attention and adjusts his interests between both the ladies. I have greatly hated the role of the mother in this movie and every time I watch the movie, I develop a hate for the ladies who are ignorant about their kids. The main motif of the movie is the relationship between the mother and the daughter that bounces through many different phases of love, hate, jealousy, rivalry, competition, aggression and frustration and finally gets settled the most natural way- the mother takes up the blame of her daughter’s crime of murdering her husband (Shaw 59). Throughout the movie the mother daughter shows no common areas or resemblances which depict the tension in their relationship. Although filled with negative feelings and sessions of court attempts, murder scenes and social unjust, the movie yet has been highly acclaimed and progressive with the viewers for a number of reasons. The mother daughter relat ionship is way different from the common movies approach. By the end scenes, it gets clearer how the story is intertwined with multiple versions of characters (Williams 33). The film in all is full of magnificent and superlative flourishes. The story does not portray the feeling that world is fake like any other family love based movies. It rather suggests that people in

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