Sunday, September 8, 2019

Open Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Open - Research Paper Example Qualifications wise the board is a mix of innovators and researchers. The board comprises two PhD holders and key personalities like Robert A. Iger the current CEO and president of The Walt Disney Company (Apple Inc., 2013b). The combination of innovation and research gives Apple’s Board the leadership qualities that are needed for consumer electronics business. Research provides Apple with access to the latest technology while innovation provides the company’s products with the competitive edge over its rivals. The board can take decisions based on both technology and innovation. 2. Committees the board sits on: The board at Apple Inc. sits on three committees: Audit and Finance, Compensation and Nominating and Corporate Governance. The Audit and Finance committee is responsible for maintaining the financial matters of the company. Moreover the committee looks after the audit system, performs risk management and also looks after the security of the data. Financial matt ers are of great importance to Apple Inc. and to make sure that the committee functions at optimum efficiency the members of the committee are some of the brilliant minds of the leading companies in the world (Apple Inc., 2011a). The second committee is Compensation committee whose main purpose is to design incentive plans for the company. In addition to designing the Committee can also review and modify any incentive plan as it sees fit. The committee has three members with Andrea Jung being the chairperson for the Committee (Apple Inc., 2013a). The third Committee is Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee whose sole responsibility is to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors at Apple Inc. In addition the committee can advise the Board of Directors regarding matters of governance. The committee comprises three members and William V. Campbell is appointed as the Chairperson of the Committee (Apple Inc., 2011). 3. Management at Apple Inc: Most of the individuals workin g for Apple have been working with the company since its formation. There are a few who joined shortly after Steve Jobs was made the CEO at Apple Inc. in 1997 (Apple Inc., 2013d). The management team is a relatively experienced one with people who have worked with some of the greatest companies in the world. One such example is Craig Federighi the Senior Vice President at the company. Federighi worked for NeXT Inc. and Ariba before working for Apple in 2009. NeXT Inc. and Ariba were one of the most popular IT companies of their time. Federighi is just one example of the many experienced individuals working for the management of Apple Inc. (Lowensohn, 2011). 4. Board’s Philosophy on Executive Compensation: Executive compensation at Apple Incorporation is determined by the Compensation Committee which comprises 4 non-employee directors of the company. As per the â€Å"Definitive Proxy Statement†, the executive compensation program of the company includes awarding Restric ted Stock Units (RSU) to all executive members of the company (Apple Inc., 2013d). However, the RSUs were not awarded to one executive member, Timothy Cook, who was promoted to the CEO of the company. In addition, the Compensation committee also has established a sound basis for determining the remuneration and bonuses for executive members of the company. As for instance, the Committee considers a number of factors while evaluating the remuneration and bonuses of the executive members, which include: Competitive Market

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