Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The fight for independence from Great Britain for Canada was much Research Paper

The fight for independence from Great Britain for Canada was much different than that of the United States of America - Research Paper Example Meanwhile, Canada and Great Britain, though once tainted with conflicts, now share some cultures and establish trade relationship. Under the colonization of Great Britain, its government system was controlled and the chief state is the British monarch (Hastedt 62). However, after the granting of independence, Canada, as mentioned earlier, was given more power over its legislature and enjoyed the ideals of democracy. Nowadays, the system of government in Canada is still with the essence of democracy but has adopted a parliamentary system--where the legislative and the executive department of the government are fused as far as their power and function are concerned (â€Å"Parliamentary Government,† n.pag.). In United States Great Britain has extended its collection of colonies over the territory of the Americans. During the early centuries at around eighteenth and nineteenth, United States of America was colonized and was in general, imposed with restrictions on economic matters . This was not what the American desired in contrast to Canada; United States took a measure to break the tie of colonization from Great Britain--to go into revolution. According to Thomas and Walker (163), U.S struggled and fought for independence even at war.

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